Rental Policy

Establishing a few essential rules and guidelines ensures a smooth experience for all guests.

By staying with Cosmo Homes, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to all conditions outlined in our Rental Policy, alongside any terms and conditions set by a booking platform, such as Airbnb, if applicable.

If you have any questions or concerns during your stay, please contact our team within your booking platform or by email at [email protected].

We reserve the right to cancel bookings and charge additional fees for any breaches of our Rental Policy.

Guest Verification

Airbnb provides a built-in guest verification system; however, we may request additional information as necessary for other booking platforms or bookings made on our website.

All provided information is verified using a third-party technology platform, AutoHost. Guests will receive a link to a portal where they can provide any requested details, such as payment information or contact information.

We cannot proceed with the booking if we cannot verify your details. Any confidential information is encrypted and processed securely.

AutoHost Privacy Policy

Airbnb Guest Verification

Security and Damages

Guests must immediately report all security breaches, damages or losses to Cosmo Homes. We will provide a telephone number for emergencies.

Guests booking with Airbnb are subject to AirCover claims through the Resolution Center for any damages or other issues as noted.

For other booking platforms or bookings made on our website, we will place a temporary card pre-authorisation of AUD 500.00 on the provided credit or debit card. The authorised amount is not charged to the card. For bookings over seven days, banks require us to renew the pre-authorisation every seven days. Pre-authorisations may also be subject to an AUD 2.00 charge to verify the card, depending on the bank.

If we cannot verify the provided card details or the card has an insufficient balance, we will ask that you provide an alternative credit or debit card. Otherwise, we may be required to cancel the booking.

Card pre-authorisations are released within seven to ten days of check-out, depending on the bank, provided no claims are made per these considerations;

  • Security breaches due to lost keys or sharing access details;
  • Damages to the property or its contents;
  • Excessive cleaning fees;
  • Any other breaches of our Rental Policy.

AirCover for Guests

AirCover for Hosts

Prohibited Activities

Smoking inside is strictly forbidden. Cigarette butts, and other smoking materials, must be appropriately disposed of.

Parties are not permitted. Prior approval is necessary for all events, functions or additional visitors.

Excessive noise is always prohibited, particularly during quiet hours (23:00 – 08:00), unless otherwise noted in property rules or descriptions.

Use of additional beds and bedding exceeding the number of guests booked is not permitted unless otherwise noted. Additional guests are subject to additional fees.

Pets and Service Animals

Non-Service Animals (Pets) are welcome at our designated "Pet-Friendly" properties with prior approval. An additional fee will be charged for housekeeping purposes, unless otherwise stated.

Hosting Pets without prior approval will incur an AUD 200.00 fee.

If you staying with a Service Animal, please speak with our team so we can ensure the property is suitable and make any necessary arrangements. We do not charge a fee for Service Animals.

Airbnb Accessibility Policy

Property Condition

Removing or relocating the contents of the property is not permitted.

Guests must return the property in a clean, secure, undamaged and sanitary state. Guests must adhere to the following:

  • Rubbish must be removed from the property and placed in the appropriate bins;
  • Dishes must be washed and put away;
  • Furniture must be returned to its original position;
  • Doors and windows must be locked;
  • Lights must be turned off;
  • Heaters and air conditioners must be turned off;
  • Keys must be returned to the lockbox or as otherwise instructed;
  • All appliances must be turned off;
  • Personal items must be removed from the property.

Guests are responsible for any damage or loss to the property or its contents during their stay. This includes any damage or loss caused by guests, their invitees or pets. Cosmo Homes will not accept responsibility for guests' personal property.

Guests must report housekeeping (cleaning) issues upon checking in with clear photographs. Our team will work to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Cancellations and Alterations

Bookings made on the Cosmo Homes website are subject to our standard cancellation policy. For bookings made on other platforms, please refer to the cancellation policy provided at booking time.

Guests can request to extend their stay anytime. Guests must pay for the additional nights in advance if the request is approved. Overstaying an extended check-out time will incur an AUD 100 fee.

Other alterations, such as early check-in or late check-out, must be requested and approved before check-in, subject to approval. Alterations may incur additional fees unless otherwise noted.

We cannot facilitate same-day bookings after 13:00.

Cosmo Homes Cancellation Policy

Unexpected Circumstances

Cosmo Homes will always endeavour to provide accurate information about the property, such as descriptions and amenities. In the event of an issue within the property, such as a light bulb burning out, we will do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible and reasonably practicable.

There may be external factors that affect the accuracy of this information, such as building management, neighbours, outside noise, roadworks, and other matters outside of our control. We ask that guests be understanding and cooperative if such circumstances arise.

We will do our best to inform guests of any potential disturbances before booking, and we will work to resolve any issues within our control as soon as possible.

Risk and Indemnity

Personal harm, damage, or loss incurred by those staying at the property and any visitors are the guest's sole responsibility.

Cosmo Homes and the property owner, alongside any relevant third parties, are indemnified by the guest from any liabilities or losses resulting from the use of the property by guests and visitors during the stay due to failure to follow the Rental Policy, local laws and regulations.

We will not accept guests who breach our Rental Policy for future bookings, and we will involve law enforcement or relevant authorities if necessary.

We know policies can be a bit dull, but we appreciate you taking the time to read through them. If you have any questions, need local recommendations, or want assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out on your booking platform.

Hosting you is our pleasure, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.